The Collection  



Altec 639B "Bird Cage" Microphone

American EL-A Double Button Carbon Microphone

Ampex Dynamic MODEL 1101 "Canon" pro microphone Model 1100 from the 1970’s

Bang & Olufsen Ribbon Mikrofoon the BM-2 1951

Bang and Olufsen Vintage Microphone; the MD-1

 Coles 4104 Ribbon

Ducati Mikrofono

German Bakelite Carbon Microphone-Transmitter

Lafayette Vertical Dynamic Microphone

LEM Model T-307 80KVintage Microphone

Lifetime Ribbon Microphone 1940's

Lustraphone Pencil Ribbonette v.64

RCA Aeropressure MI-6206-G Microphone Parabolic Baffle

RCA 77Dx

Alternative Mount for RCA KU-2 Skunk Wooden, Handmade

RCA Varacoustic M6024 1945

R-S Tube Mike

Shure 300 Ribbon

Shure Uniron 330 Ribbon

Tannoy Vintage Dynamic Microphone

Turner 8MX Microphone Brush Development

Universal Ribbon Microphone  5mm  model 808 hiz

Universal Ribbon Microphone AV Velocity 958 D1

Western Electric 640AA Microphone with RA-1095 Amplifier.